My name is Theodora, and from an early age it has been clear I was meant to live my life in the arts.

I am an keen photographer; mainly using the macro lens to get a clear picture of beauty in it’s purest form. When I’m not taking photos I am reading. In the future I plan to be a book adapter/ a script writer (be that for television or the big screen) I also want to be a critic for movies or live theatre. I first got the taste of being a critic during my drama GCSE: one of our coursework units was to analyse a live theatre piece. I love going to the cinema or theatre because the whole atmosphere is engulfed in the piece being viewed and I find it utterly magical. Ideally, I want to be a photographer. after BOA i plan to do an apprenticeship in Photo Imaging.

At the moment I am a BOA student, studying broadcast. This helps me understand the diverse world of TV, films and radio.

One day, i hope to own my own animation studio that offers script writing. i will specialise in stop motion as photography is my passion.


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